Established in 2014 Mabon is a small family run business in the heart of Milford Haven Pembrokeshire Wales. We are Official approved stockists for Nemesis Now and Alchemy England, holding collections from the worlds most renowned fantasy artists which include works from Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker.

We stock Gothic and Alternative gifts as well as quality pewter jewellery. Mabon also provides a clothing printing service wether it be workwear or just hoodies and tshirts, you name it we print it.

How we chose the shop name

In 2019 we decided to change the name of the shop as the previous name did not fit with what we were selling.

We wanted a Welsh name that would be in-keeping with what we sold in the shop; it had to be Welsh, Celtic, with a twist of fantasy. So the first port of call was a search of welsh history and within minutes we came upon welsh folklore the Mabinogion, and that is how the name Mabon Gifts was born. Below is a snippet of the history of Mabon.

Since the 1970s the word "Mabon" has most widely been associated with the autumn equinox, but did you know the word itself is much, much older?

From legendary Welsh figure to Celtic deity to Neopagan festival, buckle up, witches, because it's time for a super quick history lesson.

Mabon - The Legend
One of the cool things about Welsh mythology is that fact and fiction have a way of mixing itself up, like a game of naked twister. As such, the deity that’s referred to as Mabon, likely has his roots in a once living person.

Mabon ap Modron, who’s name fittingly means Son of the Mother, was kidnapped 3 nights after his birth and held captive in the in the city of Gloucester and was eventually rescued by King Arthurs men and a giant talking salmon. He went on to be a fine hunter, who was chummy with King Arthur.

Mabon - The Sun God

As a deity, Mabon is referred to as a Welsh sun god. Like many other solar deities, he was renowned as a hunter and represented youth, vitality, love and sex. He was said to be the son of the Madron – whose name, as we mentioned briefly above, is said to mean “mother”, and is, in her own right often associated with the maternal aspect of the triple goddess. The Autumn Equinox of Mabon The autumnal equinox occurs in late September when the sun lines up exactly with the equator and, rises and sets at due east and west, respectively. It marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here in the UK, the annual harvest festival was traditionally celebrated on the Sunday closest to the harvest moon, which is the moon closest to the equinox. In modern Neopaganism and Wicca, it is most often celebrated as Mabon, but also referred to as Harvest Home, the Feast of the Ingathering.

Map of the Mabinogion

Map of Mabinogion

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